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Work has been up and down lately. It’s practically my entire life at the moment so I may as well talk about it. You know, since I can’t afford a therapist.

Last week I got to do an interview with the guy who was one of the creators of Beavis & Butthead, and is a general powerhouse in the world of production. It was really cool, but really nervewracking. Also it was my first-ever real interview, and let’s just say I don’t think it went well.

My direct boss and one of my two mentors has a Psychology background and a long history of doing research like this, so naturally I look up to him as my role model for interviewing – he can get the right words and/or information out of anyone. Unfortunately, he was sitting right next to me as I was flailing to find the right questions to ask and it made me even more nervous. Luckily, he took over the interview in the end and also told me it didn’t go as badly as I think I did. And the guy even followed up with us and said he enjoyed it, so basically, see my previous post (that’s what inspired it, partially).

So that was a highlight I guess.

This week I planned a brilliant, crazy, fun research project which involved me and another girl from work going on a hitchhiking adventure to Sweden and blogging about it along the way. Sounds amazing, right? It would have been… unfortunately it got caught up in red tape and essentially got trampled down and obviously cancelled. So that’s not happening.

Which was definitely NOT a highlight.

As a result, I am going on an impromptu trip to London in an hour to visit some awesome friends and recharge. This is also my weekend to really think about where I will go after this internship is over (and there’s a month left for me to find something so… eeepp).

Will update!



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  1. Laura-Beth says:

    Advice I never take myself: Every failure is a lesson.

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