So Who?

I’m not really a scientist, but I really want to be one! I’m a Psychology & English Lit student from Russia -> then Vancouver -> currently living in Amsterdam.

Since I have realized that my life is essentially a series of experiments, I want to keep track of all the psychologically/sociologically/scientifically (?) interesting things I observe in my world for the next little while.

If it  gets boring, I’ll stop. I can’t promise you happy, though.

P.S.: You can pronounce the name of this blog “Psycho Pony” (self-explanatory, right?) or “Psy-KO-pa-nee” which isn’t a psychology-related word but should be.

P.P.S.: I have an online portfolio. I’m also on Twitter

2 Responses to So Who?

  1. ivanlabayne says:

    Interesting blend, psychology and physics. perhaps we can talk about quantum physics and parallel universes and Lacan’s Real-Imaginary-Symbolic triad in the near future. 🙂 And hey, nice meeting you here!

  2. Hi there! I find your writing quite interesting, so I’ve nominated you to the Liebster Blog Award. Details on my blog =)…

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