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(Obviously this is a slightly delayed post if you’ve noticed me posting vacation photos for the past week…) The cold has gotten into my bones and as usual in February I am finding it a struggle to do anything except eat … Continue reading

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oud & nieuw

The Dutch call New Year’s Eve, pragmatically, “Oud & Nieuw” (old and new, obvs.) I still haven’t figured out why they feel the need to fire off crazy amounts of fireworks to celebrate it (instead of, like the rest of … Continue reading

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There’s one quote from all of Mad Men that continues to haunt me, and it has nothing to do with advertising. It’s spoken by Faye Miller, the beautiful blonde Psychologist, to Don, when he dumps her because he has impulsively proposed … Continue reading

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on the kindness of strangers

I’ve always thought, despite my grim Eastern European upbringing, that people are generally kind and helpful when given the opportunity to be. Except that in practice, I have never found this to be true. Recently I was reading a thread on … Continue reading

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line in the sand

It’s been 1 year since I smoked my last cigarette.* Up until June 26th of last year, I did not think this was possible. But it was. Through a strenuous mental effort, it turned out that it was. (And some … Continue reading

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on transience and the meaning of life (or lack thereof): waking up by sam harris

Is it possible to be happy before anything happens, before one’s desires are gratified, in spite of life’s difficulties, in the very midst of physical pain, old age, disease and death? I’m fairly new to the meditation game, but in the … Continue reading

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There’s a lot of pain in the world today. I didn’t intend to spend the day reading about the various awful shit happening in people’s lives. But I just finished Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking, and by the time I … Continue reading

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a little bit of prague

At the beginning of the year I set myself the goal to travel once per month this year. It’s actually been working so far, even though around March I realized that it costs a lot of money to do monthly trips … Continue reading

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sonos politics

It’s amazing how even with the free-flowing booze, lax dress code and an overabundance of MacBooks, an advertising agency can start to feel like The Office when those little niggly papercut annoyances build up day after day. When my agency moved into … Continue reading

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how to be nice to a runner

If you feel like spreading some cheer and goodwill this holiday season, here’s an easy one – be nice to a runner. Look. Running in the winter fucking sucks. It would be amazing if the people we passed on the street didn’t … Continue reading

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