scattered weekend thoughts

1. Either my taste has drastically declined or Coffee Company actually makes pretty damn good americanos these days.

I’m still desperately missing the giant-paper-cup-of-coffee culture of North America, and the Coffee Company is a quite good approximation, except ludicrously expensive. 

I also went to an ~artisan coffee roaster~ this week and asked them to make me a syphon coffee just because it looked really cool. Unfortunately the girl screwed it up completely and I never got to try it but I did get to observe the approximate process. It really showcases coffee-making as the science experiment that it is so I’m determined to go back.




2. I fully realize the irony of this statement, but as I was buying the lovely salmon below at Lidl I looked around and got really creeped out by the multitude of bored identical cashiers beeping through an indistinguishable mass of boxed-up items. Yogurt, salmon, cookies – they all looked exactly the same and it was utterly disturbing. Like a scene out of Wall-E (which I still haven’t seen). It freaked me out, but it’s not like I’m going to go live on a farm (again). I placated myself with the thought that at least I’m cooking 99% of my meals these days and not buying packaged whole meals (mostly due to being broke tbh).



3. I went to a Creative Mornings seminar last week to listen to a speaker who was an ex-Sid Lee loyalist (8 years with the company, which in Sid Lee world is decades). A few months ago she gave up the glamour of advertising – in her words, the adrenalin rush and the gooood money – to volunteer full-time at a pay-as-you-feel restaurant nearby (which is called trust and is amazing). The point of her talk was basically “Don’t let your happiness depend on things that you might lose” or however that quote goes. She’s following the philosophy of finding happiness within and relying on the universe to deliver the rest. Pretty cool, and inspirational, but I couldn’t help but think that without the cushion of all that gooood money and the knowledge that she can always go back to advertising she wouldn’t really be able to pull that off. But I still like the concept, and it felt oddly synergetic with the time and place I’m currently in.


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