Amsterdam/Life update

Lately I’ve been experiencing a bit more of the “nightlife” of Amsterdam, and it’s weird to go out in a “city” again (I couldn’t bring myself to type big city there. It’s just not. But it is a step above a village). I kind of missed the feeling of infinite possibility, did not miss the long travel home while wasted. You win some.

My birthday came & went and it was not particularly eventful, which was exactly what I wanted. This year was tough for some reason. I mean, birthdays are always tumultuous but I’m more used to them having big highs and lows. This year it was just … scary. The night before my birthday I sat in my room, engulfed in a bit of a depression, just me and my thoughts. It was scary, but it did force me to face the fear and realize that it’s actually ok to be alone. (I realize that’s a ridiculous realization for someone who prefers to spend 98% of their time alone but whatever.)

Not that my actual birthday was depressing – not at all.  It involved friends, dinner, drinks, etc so all the boxes were checked off.

Speaking of boxes, year review below:

While being 23, I… :

  • finished my MSc (only the graduation ceremony left)
  • got a cool fucking internship in advertising
  • survived a whole year in Holland
  • got a cat
  • got in the best shape of my life, then the worst, then pretty ok again
  • travels: Bordeaux/Lacanau, Alicante, (Vancouver), Berlin (ok this list is a bit sad)

All in all, a pretty good year.

I also became an aunt by the way.

(I also became an aunt!)


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