I learned this weekend that there are certain situations that are not just bad, awful or even laughably awful. There are some which go beyond the point of “this is so pathetic it’s funny” and I call those situations “a special kind of hell”.

For example, running at breakneck speed through the Paris metro and Gare du Nord, almost missing your train and getting checked three times because you have a first class ticket but you sure as hell don’t look like a first-class passenger – that’s so unpleasant that it’s kind of funny.
Waking up and realizing you’ve missed your Thalys train which was supposed to bring you to Paris for a 24-hour visit? That’s hell.

Both happened this weekend.

Laughably awful is snow at Easter in Holland (yup, we had that too).|
Hell is never-ending sticky drizzle at the end of May with a prognosis of the same for the foreseeable future and a grand total of two warm days since September 2012.

A special kind of hell – the kind that engulfs you completely, like the empty frustration that comes with regret.

p.s. rain is also the name of a wonderful short story by W. Somerset Maugham


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