case notes: how to celebrate new year’s in holland

Step 1. Wake up in the morning to find out the country has become a war zone. [Fireworks are only legal here on January 31st, or something along those lines, and everyone – EVERYONE – takes advantage of this allowance.]

Step 2. Stock up on food and alcohol because literally everything will be closed until the 2nd.

Step 3. Sit inside (or at someone else’s house) until 12 a.m. DO NOT GO INTO THE CITY. There are no people in the city. No open bars. No open shops. Nothing. It is reminiscent of the zombie apocalypse.

Step 4. File out into the street at 5 minutes to midnight, and start shooting up fireworks into the air like crazy idiots, for at least 30 minutes. Wish random strangers a happy new year.

Step 5. Head into the city, where all the bars and clubs are suddenly open. Party as late as you wish.

Step 6. Coffee.IMG_1849


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