tentatively gelukkig

Here I am, reporting to you from the other side of 23. It’s not so bad here. Here are some nice things about my life recently:

  1. I got a scholarship to Leiden! They have this thing called the “Leiden Excellence Scholarship” which can cover up to 100% of your (international!) tuition, and which I was rejected from THREE times despite only applying once, and being falsely accepted once (what cruelty). Much to my surprise, I received an email from them a few weeks ago saying that I did get it, and they will cover 75% of my costs! That is a LOT. And you better believe I pestered them like hell to make sure this one is NOT a mistake. (I can’t say I’m still not a little doubtful).
  2. I’m legal in the country once more! All it took was one tedious trip to the outskirts of Den Haag. (Apparently the Dutch Immigration Office can’t actually afford real estate in The Hague itself.)
  3. My birthday was actually kind of fun. After a horrible depressing start to the day (getting drunk on rose wine and sulking the night before and lashing out at my poor boyfriend all morning) I finally went shopping in the afternoon, spent 13 euros on sunglasses and a necklace, and felt better (thanks to mom for teaching me that trick). I then proceeded to get really, really, really drunk (I mixed a lot of types of booze) and then went to THE ALLA (please forgive me, exchange friends) of all places. But because we basically took up the whole place it wasn’t so bad this time! And my hangover the next day was surprisingly mild.

In not-so-good news, summer has apparently decided to completely skip Europe this year (except the southern countries of course. They get all the best things.). I’m currently freezing in my room cursing the heating for not working. It is mid-July!!!


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