birthday #23

So my 23rd birthday is in two weeks and I’m starting to get a little nervous about my (lack of) accomplishments this year. I will list all the ones I can think of in an attempt to feel better about myself.

#1. Obtained a Red Riding Hood coat from my sister. #2. Perfected the Apple-slave-self-portrait-pose.

1. Got my bachelor’s degree.
I guess I should start with the obvious. This one is too easy. Still, I passed all my exams even in the throes of final-semester burnout & with a long-distance boyfriend in town half of the time.

2. Worked for the Physics Department & a Bikram Yoga Studio.
The latter has been a goal for years, the former just… sounded really cool.

3.  Moved to Europe.
I always said I was going to live in Holland some day. And now I do! I can’t say it’s lived up to all of my overblown expectations but, hey, I’m not in Leiden yet… which reminds me:

4. Got accepted to the only Master’s program I applied for.
Who even does that? It’s like running a marathon without training (har har). But I applied to this thing on a whim, and fought my way into being accepted, and equally on a whim decided to go even though I wasn’t given a scholarship. And hopefully I will actually go.

5. Finally learned HTML & CSS.

Well enough to build a basic website, anyway. I’ve been saying I’ll do that for years.

6. Ran a(nother) marathon.
I feel like this belongs in the accomplishments list. I cut 30 minutes off last year’s time, after all. Not my fondest memory of this year, though.

7.  … Crap. I’m out of things.
I’m just going to leave this one as a filler and hope that I accomplish something cool in the next two weeks.

Ok, that didn’t really make me feel that much better.

By the way, if you want to get me a birthday present, I’m trying to get out of the rain  for a little while. That would be a nice accomplishment. I would blog about it.


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