So, as most people know, I hate kids. But for some strange reason (perhaps because I am female and non-threatening?) people keep trusting me to watch their children.

Much like retail, I swore up and down after last summer and finishing my bachelor’s degree that I was DONE with working shit-paying jobs that I don’t enjoy. However, due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. being ditched by two jobs and, oh yeah, ending up on a different continent with no work visa) I found myself two weeks ago babysitting a Dutch 3-year-old for 5 eur/hr.

So basically my own personal hell. A child in its most attention-greedy stage with whom I shared no common language, not to mention a job that paid an amount I would, under normal circumstances, laugh out of the room. And the second-best part (best covered in a second) was that I had to get up at, like, 5 a.m. and stay there until 5pm. I am also the opposite of a morning person, if anyone is wondering.

Anyway, so I suffered through four awful mornings with the kid and I both being tired and grumpy, took him to school for 3 blissful hours each day, then picked him up, still tired and grumpy, then listened to him yell at me in garbled Dutch for a few hours. It sucked. Also, the mom informed me at the end of my first day that the house was haunted. 

But the best part! Is that the family then cancelled on me on the last day and has since refused to pay me, as in literally not answering their phones for a week and a half. That makes the second employer dropping me without payment in as many months.

Seriously. NEVER AGAIN.  What was the point of my degree again?


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