Do you like zombies? I don’t.

I don’t even watch zombie movies. They freak me out.

But you know what I do like? A good game.

And you know what makes a good game? Running away from zombies.

And therefore I would like to introduce you to the most fantastic app ever invented. It’s called Zombies, Run!

Currently only available for the iPhone, but coming to Android in a week, this is the greatest running app of our time*. And I say that having used (and still using) Nike+.

This is not just a running app. This is the gamer’s and adventure lover’s and bored runner’s answer to everything.

The app immerses you in a different world. You crash-land into a zombie-infested area on a special mission, and become Runner 5, responsible for collecting vital items and completing missions for the township. The more supplies you collect, the bigger the town gets as you help save more lives. And the story runs deeper than that, full of mysteries, questions, and suspicions.

You have an awesome funny team of people supporting you, telling you where to go and keeping you alive over your transmitter..

But of course with all these zombies around once in a while you encounter a horde that notices you. And since you don’t have a gun, all you can do is run… You can evade them by speeding up for minimum 1 minute.

Sound like something familiar? Oh, it’s only the best way to integrate interval training into a workout…ever.

You feel responsible, you feel like you’re part of a team, and you don’t even notice that you’re getting a workout. I swear. You can choose to run the mission for 30 minutes or for an hour. I recommend starting with 30 if you’re not used to interval training… those zombie chases are killer.

The app even integrates your own music into it, so you’ll hear a transmission (story update), one or two songs, then another one. It’s seamless and there’s no button-pressing or screen-switching involved. Brilliant.

This app was perfect for me post marathon-burnout. It actually makes me want to go running. In fact, I just completed a mission and can’t wait for the next one – it’s tempting to go again…

So if you have a smartphone, download it. You will NOT regret it. It’s a pretty expensive app; I downloaded AppShopper and waited for it to go on sale. You can do the same, or if you can spare the $8, just get it- it’s worth every penny.

*Once again, I swear I’m not being sponsored. Oh how I wish I was.


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3 Responses to zombies

  1. Sharon Huff says:

    My thoughts exactly!

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