Everyone likes food posts, right?

I have one for you about this miraculous unicorn of an invention called graskaas. 

This one is dedicated to one of my favorite blogs, Full Frontal Fromage 🙂

Graskaas is the first cheese made from the milk of cows going outside to feed on the fresh grass after winter. It is… beautiful.

It’s smooth like mozzarella,  doesn’t have the cheesy-ness of regular Gouda cheese, but still has a smooth buttery flavor.

I normally buy aged cheese, but this one won me over because it’s not as sour and boring as normal non-aged cheese. It’s perfect on its own, or on any sandwich you could think of….

It’s only available for a short time, obviously, given the nature of its production, but while it’s here I want to buy as close to a whole wheel of it as possible. I think it’s fleetingness makes it even more beautiful.

Here’s my bizarre snack/dessert plate featuring graskaas kaasblokjes


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