Travel Bug

I’m feeling the restless urge to take off traveling again. This always seems to happen at the worst moments, i.e. when I’m so far over my ears in debt that I can’t even look at plus signs without sniffling, and/or when I’m illegal in the country.

But a girl can dream. So I’m just going to keep wishing I run into $5000 on the street and then can book my dream trips this summer: surfing vacation, trip to Georgia, some backpacking around Morocco/Spain/Turkey/warm places… sigh.

I am going to Paris on Thursday though! Only until Saturday night, but I’m still very excited. I’m going to see my parents on Friday before they take off to the south of France with their Parisian/Russian friends. I can’t wait actually… despite all of my claims that we work better when we’re on different sides of the world, I still miss seeing them around. And all the free food it involves of course.

Here is what I have asked for them to bring for me from Canada:

1. My Gogol Bordello sweatshirt
2. My birth certificate [Leiden keeps sending me strict emails about how I neeeeeeeed to have it on me when I arrive… whatever]
3. The Master & Margarita, preferably in both English & Russian.

P.S. If you’re interested in some marketing/psychology talk, I would like to pimp my “professional blog“. Read! Comment! Fun things!


(is that a weird new signature? I’m looking for something cutesy and iconic. Perhaps something like “a smile & a firm handshake to you all” is more like me.)


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One Response to Travel Bug

  1. JadenLiving says:

    I get the travel bug ALL the time too! i just want to go explore and you are so right, i wanna travel even more at the most awkward times!

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