Holland Update!

I realized that I haven’t really talked at all about what I’m doing in Holland other than complaining about the weather and running. So here’s a general rundown of what I’ve been up to so far, for interested parties:

1. It’s spring!
Finally, finally, thank you, all powers that be, it’s spring here. And by spring I mean 10-20 degree weather every day and not very much gray and rain. YES. YEEESSSS.

2. Work
I’m currently freelancing due to not having a work visa. (Fun fact, in a month and a few days I will be living here illegally, too. Whoo.) I’m translating a book from Russian to English. It’s actually kind of amazing work, I only wish I had more of it.

3. School
I have decided to try to go to the program I originally chose : the Master’s in Economic & Consumer Psychology at Leiden University. It’s basically my dream program in my dream city. The only deterrent is of course $$$$. What else is new? Student loans ahoy!

4. Fun things
I got my tongue pierced again, embracing the fact that I am not yet ready for Real Life and will have at least another year as a university student.  I have a trip to Porto booked. Mike and I celebrated our first anniversary last week. I’m moving into a nice little room for a couple of months in mid-April.

5. ~Feelings~
I don’t miss Vancouver. At all. I sometimes really miss the big city thing though. As much as little European cities are cozy and adorable, sometimes the same 3 (or in Maastricht’s case, 300) bars and one coffee place and one park start to feel a little… cramped and suffocating. Also, since I’m a very socially awkward person, it makes me uncomfortable that applying the 6 degrees of separation here means you would go around in circles. Everyone is connected by maximum two. I swear.

I’m still kind of lonely, in terms of not having very many friends and certainly no close friends. I’m still working on it of course but it’s difficult here, not being a student, not working, etc. I’m still sitting at home alone most evenings… then again, that’s not so different from Vancouver.

Most of all I’m still shaky & unstable because of my visa problems, money problems, post-Bachelor crisis, the friend thing, and so on. But I’m getting better, I think.

I’ll post more interesting things soon. Stay posted. See the gallery below for some more things.


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