Meal ideas for the bored and broke

I’m not a great cook. In particular, most things I make taste good but look awful. Regardless, I’ve become very bored with my constant stir-fries and decided to get a little creative while doing almost nothing in Holland anyway. However since we are also broke, we’ve had to get… quite creative. Here are some meals that I’ve enjoyed and found easy to make!

A post about food after a post about running. Sigh. I am so typical.


1. Shakshuka

[ Click for Smitten Kitchen’s recipe!]

This is a great way to use up a bunch of eggs, get some protein, and make a pretty damn simple meal. All you have to chop is an onion. The tomato sauce takes about 15 minutes to make, but you literally can just leave it there and not worry about it for that time. So no fuss. And it’s so gooooood.

My favorite Parisian falafel pitas are actually not too difficult to recreate. Of course, baked falafel will never be quite the same as delicious, delicious fried falafel, but it’s a pretty damn close approximation. I liked this recipe, although I would recommend stewing some eggplant while your falafel is baking and adding it in as well:

But here’s a vegan one (I think. If you don’t add the feta.)

3. Black Bean Quesadillas 

If you can’t tell, I’ve been on a vegetarian kick. These took like 5 minutes to throw together and another 3 to make. I would add a jalapeno next time. Or maybe more tomatoes. But they were delicious.

4. Lentil Green Curry

Green curry paste + coconut milk + an onion. Add lentils, some veggies, chicken if you wish. DONE. Yum. Serve over rice or whatever.

5. Noodles and broccoli in peanut sauce.

In Holland you can buy these packs of peanut sauce that you just pour into a bowl, add half a cup of water, and stir. If these can be found elsewhere… PEANUT SAUCE WITH EVERYTHING FOREVER. Trust me.

6. Steak and Red Veggies

Cut up steak. Red bell pepper. Tomatoes. Add green herbs. Fry.

7. Chickpeas and vegetables.

In a pan. Surprisingly good with some sort of makeshift tomato sauce.




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