Blah blah running.

In an effort to prevent myself from succumbing to the Europe-20 (a sad adult equivalent of the freshman 15) due to Holland’s abundance of delicious fried things, I decided a month ago to “train” for a marathon. By which I mean having some sort of impetus to keep up with my running or else. Because the memory of an impromptu marathon (aka the last half being 20 kilometers of PURE AGONY) still haunts me, and I would like to fix my embarrassing time of 4:12.

[most boring blog content ever below]

Despite my desire to be as minimalistof a runner as possible, I’m somehow managing to become very gear-dependent. I’m still loyal to my Brooks.* My beloved L&R labeled New Balance socks have finally turned into one big hole, so I replaced them with Asics and I’m not sure how I feel about them yet. Also I just ordered on Ebay an iPhone-holding armband, because I’m totally addicted to Nike+. Geez. Next I’ll be running around with a fannypack full of water (no. no. this will NEVER HAPPEN).

Anyway, running in Maastricht is frustrating because it’s so small, but lucky for me it’s also incredibly beautiful. Most of my long runs end up in me running to the little Belgian villages just over the border, which, while depressing in terms of their houses (falling-apart brittle shacks that seem to have been in disrepair for about a hundred years), offer some amazing scenery, and even better, peace and quiet (no cars!) which I love when running for a long time.

Here are some more pictures:

*This is sadly not a sponsored post.


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One Response to Blah blah running.

  1. Alice says:

    Yay! Good for you. Holland looks so beautiful. Keep the photos coming V.

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