Hot Yoga Lessons

I’ve recently started working at a hot yoga studio which means that I essentially get paid in perks, the best one being free yoga, of course. Unfortunately there are two bad things about this deal (other than not making any money):

1. I haven’t done Bikram’s in about 8 months, which means I’m essentially starting all over again with the postures.

2. It’s a loooong drive to the studio, which means I don’t make it there very often and I feel guilty for wasting so many potential free classes.

Bikram says this is the normal range of motion for your spine. It sure as hell isn't for mine...

So anyway, I had an epiphany in class the other day and I think it applies very well in everyday life, not just in the yoga studio:

There’s a reason Bikram (and the teachers) hammer home the message: “Come back tomorrow”. They encourage you to do class every day not only because it brings them lots of money, and not only because it allows your body to familiarize itself with the postures so you can go deeper, and not even only because it allows your body to fix, strengthen & heal itself faster…

They tell you to come back tomorrow so that you can stay present in every moment of your class time.

So that you’re not standing on your mat wrecking your back by twisting your spine into a poorly-executed Dancer’s pose so it looks at least a little like what the flexible girl in the front row is doing – because you won’t have a chance to try it again until next week…

It’s so that you can tell yourself: I’m going to do the best that I can do right at this moment. And then I’ll come back tomorrow, and try again.

And if you can’t execute it perfectly today, or the day after, or for five years after that – it’s okay. Because the goal is not perfection. The goal is that mindset – that you can always keep improving, and you should always keep improving, and to do that you need to fail, and try again. And again. And again. The most important thing is to remember that even if you fall out in five seconds now – you will try again tomorrow. And you will do it better.


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2 Responses to Hot Yoga Lessons

  1. Thanks so much for this – I did some work for my local studio and got paid in classes, and it felt great, being able to contribute and NOT getting paid in money. I really liked this… – shall we call it exchange of energy?
    When I practice I always try to remember what Guruji (Jois) said when asked how often one needs to repeat a posture till it’s all good. He replied: 1000 times. Well, let’s roll out the mat then 😉

    • Varia says:

      OK I’m being unfair here. I am getting paid for it. Just not very much… so I definitely see the main benefit of it as upkeep of the yoga studio in exchange for free yoga, and I love it 🙂
      It’s actually so inspiring when teachers say things like ‘it took me 10 years to master this posture’ because it’s a great reminder that this yoga is a retreat from our everyday “I want it done NOW” kind of existence!

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