Be nice

I was a little surprised when I saw these ads popping up on Vancouver bus stops. Perhaps it’s a hangover from living in Russia, where there is no cultural myth of politeness (actually, same in Holland for that matter), but I feel like in Vancouver, this kind of stuff is really not a problem. Is it??

I think Canadians (and Vancouverites especially) love t obuy into the “Polite Canadian” self-representational schema. They say “hello, how are you?”, “thank you”, “have a good one”, etc etc almost obsessively. I’m not really sure about bus behaviors, but I don’t remember ever having been enraged by people pushing in front of me while getting on the bus…

The real problem (and I’ll touch more on this next week) is the driving. Why does everyone turn into an asshole as soon as they get behind the wheel in Vancouver? Stay posted…


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3 Responses to Be nice

  1. The Dutch are working on it, sorta. Have you seen these ads?

    As for buses, I once took a bus to Richmond’s Ikea. That’s when I realized that people riding that bus route are a different breed in terms of politeness. Pushing, yelling, etc.

  2. leigh-anne says:

    I’ve been enraged by people pushing in front of me while I try to get on the bus. Have you never taken the 99 during rush hour? I’m going to miss London’s obsession with queue etiquette so much. Also, one of the first things I notice in Montreal is the polite transit users because it seems like everyone really does wait for the people getting off the metro to get off before getting on because it is practical and polite.

    And yeah, Vancouver drivers are the worst. I keep get strange looks when I comment on how courteous London drivers are except that it really seems true when you are from Vancouver.

    • Varia says:

      To be honest, I always thought the B-Line was a free-for-all/there are no such things as line-ups to get on it during rush hour. Perhaps I am part of the problem…

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